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VisibleResults is a unique Fundraising Database. Not only is it free, but it is also extremely innovative, reliable and easy to use.

Easy To use

VisibleResults has developed the concept of a control panel where all the status and progress information is immediately visible without having to run any reports. Now you can see at a glance what is happenning.

VisibleResults has also developed an extremely simple and clear user interface that is consistent across all data entry forms. It makes it very easy to find what you want to change. There is a simple and obvious distinction between viewing and editing data which makes it clear when there is anything that has not been saved.

All reports are presented in the user's Web Browser making them very easy to use, share and also load into other sotware for analysis.


All the data is stored in a fully client server SQL Database called Interbase. It's reliability means we have not had any database corruption anywhere in the 3.5 years VisibleResults has been using it.

The client server nature of VisibleResults means that it does not matter if a workstation crashes. VisibleResults will not be damaged even if it was in the middle of a transaction or a long running process such as direct mail selection. Actually it might matter in that Windows may be completely broken - but then not everything can be as reliable as VisibleResults!

For additional reliability the server parts of VisibleResults can be run on Linux. If you choose this option then be sure you don't lose the instructions - because you may never need to touch the machine!

When installing VisibleResults on a network we normally ensure that it does automatic backups to another server of all the data at least once every 24 hours. The backup process does not affect the availability of VisibleResults which runs 24 hours 7 days a week.

To ensure maximum availability we have reduced the task of upgrading VisibleResults to simply replacing a single file. All you do is exit VisibleResults on all clients, stop the application server, copy on the new file and restart the application server and clients. The system will automatically detect the new version and perform any required changes. If you are using VisibleResults as a single user system it is even easier as the client will automatically start the server process inside itself, so exiting VisibleResults is enough to allow you to install an upgrade.


VisibleResults uses the best technology everywhere which has allowed us to innovate in many areas.

Our control panel and the way information is instantly Visible is unique.

Our support for multiple languages and countries is amazingly powerful and simple to setup.

The techniques used to create gift responses (thank-you letters) are many times more powerful than other solutions.

Being the first Fundraising Database to become free software allows us to create innovative and exciting relationships with clients and developers.

VisibleResults is more flexible and open than any other fundraising database. It can be adapted to connect to almost any other database or office application. Unlike any other fundraising databases, it is possible to use some other package (for example a contact management database) as the master repository of all address data. Alternatively VisibleResults can be made to keep any other database up-to-date with the latest address and donor information.


Free software is about "Free Speech" not "Free Beer". Yes, you can download VisibleResults for free and you can pass on copies of VisibleResults for free. But you can also buy a whole range of services from Sundayta and probably soon from other companies that will help you make the most of VisibleResults. The services include support, packaged upgrades, training, customization, systems management/installation.

During 2001 Sundayta will also be offering access to VisibleResults over the internet so that you don't have to install any software on your site and you can also access your fundraising system from anywhere in the world.

Free Software is also about reduced risk. All of us have used products in the past that the supplier decided to drop, or where the price suddenly increased, or where the supplier went bankrupt. None of these are problems with Free Software as the source code will always be available so anyone who wishes to can continue to use and develop it. If you don't have the skills to do that yourself you can find and pay others to do it for you. Another risk you are protected from is companies that lower their standards and cease to be helpful. If that happens in a free software product you can simply switch to a different company without having to change to a different product and without having to pay anything.

Free software is more reliable and more stable. Firstly bugs are easier to find and fix when more people are able to look at and work on the source code. Secondly the whole model encourages people to work co-operatively rather than competitively which results in better quality as people help each other. Thirdly, there is the issue of pride. When software is free and everyone can see what people have done they want to be proud of it so they take more care, There are not the same commercial pressures to release things before they are ready. Finally the whole develoepment process is conducted in the open. All bugs are documented for all to see. Everyone can see what is happening in the development and support of the product. This empowers people and helps them contribute together.

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