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In summary, VisibleResults is a Fundraising Database.

A fundraising database provides the tools to help charities, foundations, trusts and similar organisations raise money.

VisibleResults has a number of advantages over similar products:

  1. Cost
  2. VisibleResults is free software. This price is hard to beat <grin>.

  3. Freedom
  4. The price is one of the smaller benefits that comes from Visibleresults being free software. The freedom (as in free speech) is much more important. This freedom guarantees that the source code to VisibleResults will always be available and that everyone will always have the rights to use, modify and distribute that source code (and the actual application).

  5. Risk
  6. Due to the freedom that the license used by VisibleResults gives you, the risk of adopting VisibleResults is far lower than for any commercial software. VisibleResults will be available as long as anyone anywhere in the world wants to keep a copy. It does not depend on any company finding it profitable. It cannot be taken away from you by a company going bankrupt. It is not possible for you to be forced from VisibleResults by high prices of support or upgrades. Few people can have many years' experience of commercial IT without one or more of these things happening to products they relied on. But with Free Software there is no risk of any of these things happening.

Not only does VisibleResults have all these advantages because of its licensing, it also has many other advantages.

  1. Project support is very strong
  2. Gift Responses (Thank-you letters) are extremely powerful and advanced
  3. Support of different languages (translation) is fantastic
  4. Internationalization (includes date and number formatting) is very complete
  5. Selection of Donors for campaigns is business based not database query based. This makes it more powerful and easier to use.
  6. VisibleResults uses only the latest and most robust technologies. For example it uses Interbase a full client/server SQL database to store all data - even on single user systems. In the entire product life we have not had a single instance of database corruption due to this.
  7. VisibleResults runs on different operating systems including 32bit Windows, Linux and Mac (not all the server parts run on Mac's)
  8. The user interface of VisibleResults is simple, clean, consistent and easy to use.

See the features page for much more detailed information on the various features of VisibleResults.

VisibleResults has been developed from the ground up by Sundayta Ltd. Sundayta are extremely pleased to be able to offer VisibleResults as Free Software and are fully committed to continuing to develop and support VisibleResults now and in the future.

The initial development of VisibleResults was funded by The Danish Bible Society. Sundayta are extremely grateful to The Danish Bible Society for their support, encouragement and commitment which still continues. It is through the foresight and generosity of The Danish Bible Society that everyone can now benefit from VisibleResults as a free software product.

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