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Welcome to the home of VisibleResults.

VisibleResults is a powerful fundraising software package designed for direct mail, telemarketing, event and internet based fundraising from individuals, families, groups, organisations, foundations and businesses. It has a number of features that are significantly more advanced than any of the commercial fundraising software available, particularly international support, project support, amazing RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value) analysis and the most powerful gift responses. See our features page for more details.

VisibleResults can handle just about any size of operation - from those just starting with only a few hundred contacts, to those with several hundred thousand. We have also been able to import data from older systems when replacing them. VisibleResults is the only fundraising system which can be connected to almost any other system. It is even possible to extend it to allow other software to be the "master" store for all contact information. No other fundraising system can be integrated into your operation in this way.

VisibleResults is free software and is available complete with the source code to everyone under a license that guarantees your freedom to use, change and pass it on. The license is the GPL (General Public License) with an additional restriction on public performance. See the License page for more details.

VisibleResults was initially developed by Sundayta Ltd with funding from The Bible Society in Denmark. Development was started on 1st January 1998 and VisibleResults has been running live at sites in 5 countries since the end of 1999. But now as free software anyone is welcome to get involved in developing it further.

VisibleResults uses only the latest and best technologies. It is written in 100% pure Java and has been tested and used on both Linux and Windows. It uses a "proper" SQL database (Interbase) and uses your Web browser to display all reports.

Sundayta Ltd provide many services related to VisibleResults such as boxed editions, technical support, custom development and consultancy. See the services page for more details.

We welcome new users and developers. We can use all kinds of skills in the continuing development of VisibleResults. Why not join the Mailing Lists, or alternatively dive straight into the source code.

If you would like to talk direct to someone then feel free to email David Warnock the Project Leader or Irene Larsen convener of the user group.

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